What is there to see at iNonRev.com?

There are two sites: our Discount Network found at www.iNonRev.com and our Blog found at www.iNonRev.com/Blog.

The Discount Network provides airline employees a network to share the unique discounts and tips that are available to them all around the World. Examples include hotel crew rates, local restaurant discounts, public transportation tips, and so forth.

The Blog provides a social network to read about real NonRev experiences and lessons learned from our guest travel bloggers, who are airline employees themselves. Each of our travel blogger’s has their own blog page, so you can follow them, comment on any of their posts, or ask them questions about your next NonRev trip.

Is it free?

Yes. At our Discount Network site, you must first register and activate a membership option to access the whole site. For a free membership, submit one tip and you get access to the entire network for 30 days. Once it expires, just submit another tip and you get free access again.

At our Blog site, it is free to view and registration is not required. If you want to comment on any posts, however, you must register, which is still free to do. This just keeps the spam bots away…

Do I need to register separately for the Discount Network and Blog?

Yes, you do.