If you’re planning on checking a bag for you and/or your family while NonRev’ing, then keep in mind how you listed.  For example, if you’re flying to Stockholm by connecting thru JFK, list yourself going one-way, not one-leg (i.e. Home – JFK – ARN; not Home – JFK and JFK – ARN).  By doing so, you’re saving yourself potential headaches.

First, you won’t have to claim/check your bag two times; instead, only once.  If you had listed by leg, then you would have to exit security in JFK to claim your bag and recheck your bag to ARN.  Of course, if you’re flying a different, noncodeshare airline out of JFK, then you have no choice.

Second, in case that you don’t get on your flight, sometimes your bag still goes without you.  If you had listed one-way, then your bag will end up in ARN.  If by leg, then your bag would go to JFK and stop there.  If plan B still had you going to JFK, then no problem, you’ll get your bag when you get there.  However, if plan B was to go somewhere else besides JFK, then you’re in a pickle.

In all cases, I’d recommend packing spare clothing and toiletries in your carry-on.  If things don’t go as planned and you end up being separated from your checked luggage, you’ll have some spare items to use.  This is particularly important if you’ve got kids with you!!!!!!!


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