About Us

iNonRev.com is dedicated to helping airline employees save time and money on their next nonrev trip or long layover. There are many travel websites and books out there where you can find recommendations and tips from the general public, but they all have one thing in common: they are for everyone. As an airline employee, we travel in our own, unique way: nonreving or at work, laying over somewhere. Among the millions of people who are employed by the airlines, we all know of some kind of a helpful nonreving tip that another employee can use. There are frequent nonrevers, crewmembers who lay over somewhere often, and everyone who knows their own hometown, who all can provide another employee with a valuable tip. Many business offer discounts to airline employees that no one knows about because it's not advertised and is simply "word of mouth."

iNonRev.com was created to provide a social network where these "word of mouth" discounts and nonrev tips can be easily shared amongst the airline community. When tips are submitted, they are categorized and databased within the website to give you quick and easy access to whatever you are looking for. For example, if you are planning a trip or laying over in Paris, France, iNonRev provides a city page for Paris, as well with hundreds of other cities around the world, that you can visit to find tips and suggestions within that city. If you do not have a particular place in mind and are looking for a really good ski trip deal, for example, iNonRev automatically groups all the sports/leisure tips that have been submitted across the website and displays them together for simple viewing.

Common discounts and recommendations that you may find within this site include the following:

  • Hotels with crew rates
  • Where to find good food downtown and around the crew hotels
  • Nightlife
  • Places to shop
  • Which attractions offer airline discounts and which ones are worth going to
  • Sports/leisure information, such as discounted lift tickets, getting to the stadiums, running trails, etc
  • Public transporation suggestions to get around town quickly and inexpensively
  • Helpful airport information, such as location of employee checkpoints, quiet areas, good food, duty free shops, etc.

iNonRev is dedicated to making this site a beneficial and valuable resource to the airline community because, afterall, it was created by an airline employee. He was planning a surprise trip to Rome, Italy for him and his wife - neither had ever been there before. During the planning of the trip, he quickly discovered that the most valuable information came from the people who he was working with, not from the common travel books and websites. They knew how to do it on a shoestring and made the planning easy. So the idea was sparked from this experience and iNonRev was created.

Airline employees are really good, seasoned travelers. You can count on helpful information at iNonRev.com because only airline employees are members. It can be used as a great supplement to everything else you know and help you save time and money on your next nonrev trip or long layover.
We hope you enjoy the site and appreciate your interest!! Thank you.


PS. We definitely want you to consider the free membership option. This site is dependent on its membership and the information submitted by you. By choosing the free membership option, you just have to submit one, single tip. It's an easy and simple sign-in process while still keeping it free for you.